Entry #1

New project in creation

2007-07-20 04:35:12 by Sad-Mac

I am in the process of creating a music video for "Mad-World" by Michael Andrews
it is about a young boy going to war and having a mental breakdown when one of his friends is killed in-front of him

Hope to be done soon, as this is going to be my first flash content submitted, may be a while.




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2007-08-05 17:19:22

I want to say one thing, my young British friend. "Mac-Rant". Google it, search for it on You-Tube, however you want, find that video, watch it, and think about what it means for Mac. Also, Google "Anti-Apple Movies" and click on the first link, read the article, and think. Is Apple everything? Does I-Crap really serve all my needs faithfully? Think, then answer.

Sad-Mac responds:

Yea that mac rant video on you tube is an advert FOR mac, not against it.
And although macs have their problems, they are nothing compared to that of a PC

im not going to argue the pc/mac battle again.
Whatever you've found most pleasing is the best for
you. and well its just opinion


2007-12-23 20:14:04

this is not really about this entrybut i jost got to say 2 things
1.you are the first person i have ever seen on NG that put a pic of themselves on their profile and
2.i have never seen someone that looks so emo
srry just had 2 say it
p.s. clicked your name in your review of waterlollies
also i hope NG dosn't get mad at me 4 posting this